Can I invest in Euro?  


For now, the available currencies are:

  • EGP
  • USD


  What are the types of insurance products that you have?  
  • Protection products
  • Protection & saving products


  What are the available investments types?  


For now we have the safeVest fund and Dollar Income fund which have a steady growth rate and soon we’ll have some equities funds.


  What are the extra benefits that I’ll receive beside the insurance benefits?  
  • You can ask for a Tax letter, it used to deduct a certain amount from the social taxes.
  • As well as the Embassy letter used as an extra document when submitting for a travel visa.
  • You have the option to choose the beneficiaries.


  How to withdraw from my policy?  


After two years and 24 paid months you can withdraw up to 75% of the unit account value with no charges up to 4 times in the first ten years afterwards the withdrawals times are unlimited.


  How can I pay my contributions?  
  • Fawry service.
  • Direct debit from your Credit card or your bank account.


  What are the payment frequencies?  
  • Monthly for the credit card and direct debit payments only.
  • Quarterly.
  • Semi – Annually.
  • Annually.


  How to make modifications to my policy?  
  • Through a valid alteration request signed by the Policyholder and sent to the head office to be approved.
  • No charges applicable.
  • All alteration documents are on our website.


  Do I have the option to end the policy before the maturity date?  


The only option is to surrender the policy as per the policy terms and conditions.


  Is there is a maximum number for beneficiaries of the policy?  


No, beneficiaries can be any chosen ones with no limit except that the sum of percentages should be 100%.


  Do you have pure investments products?  


Egyptian Life Takaful Company is a life insurance company all products must have a protection benefit.


  How to increase the investment in my policy?  


  • First option is to increase the regular contribution without increasing the insurance benefits.
  • Second option through the facility of the Additional single contribution which is a paid amount that goes directly to the investment.


  Can I take a loan granted by my policy?  


For now we don’t have this option but Insurance policy can be used as a required document from the bank to credit a loan.


  How will the withdrawal effect the investment in my policy?  


Withdrawal a certain amount will affect the final projection of the policy with the amount withdraw and its accumulated investments which will eventually effect the aim of the policy.


  What will happen if the policy wasn’t claimed till the end date?  
  • In case of savings policies, unit account value will be paid.
  • Protection policies are not refundable.


  Do you have any type of policies protect my kids’ education?  

Guardian and i-Study are saving and protection plans designed to ensure the necessary financial resources to cover the children’s education in case an unfortunate event happens to the breadwinner of the family.


  Is the claiming process easy and how long does it take?  


Once the company notified with the claim, it will go through the process. The claim usually takes 5 working days to be paid from the receiving of the entire required document.






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